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Stone Kidney

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Stone kidney
Kidney stones are small stones that form in the kidneys and move down in the pipe e urine (ureter).
These stones which cause pain at the puncture back down, channel urine or stomach underneath.
In the bladder, stones can clog channels urine (urethra) and the small void that is difficult and painful exit.

Composition of kidney stones:
1. calcium
2. oxalate
3. phosphate

1. Drink less so that the body's metabolic system is not running optimally. Fluid
needed to take a variety of poisons in the body is not sufficient. This resulted
in the urin experience so that condensation forms, such as grain stone.
2. The body produces acid strand in the blood is too excessive
3. Infections that occur in the kidneys form kidney stones ease.
4. Genetic factors. If found one family member suffering from kidney stones, is
almost possible to seed the same potential.

Foods that should be avoided for people with kidney stones:
1. Rhubarb
2. Spinach
3. Soybean Crackers
4. Beans
5. Brown
6. Sweet potatoes

Fruits that contain oxalate in the medium size, but that can be consumed with the appropriate measure:
1. Wine
2. Celery
3. Gtits
4. Green pepper
5. Raspbery red
6. Fruit cake
7. Strawberry
8. Marmalade
9. Liver

Facts about kidney stones:
1. Scientists find a kidney stone on the mummy of Egypt's oldest aged 7000 years.
2. According to the medical record, as many as three million patients have complaints
on the kidneys, and half a million into its emergency room because it detected a
kidney stone.
3. Most kidney stones will come out by itself without the intervention of the
medical. This is the normal scale. But if the disease is severe, required more
handling by doing surgery.
4. From the survey, the Caucasus has more potential kidney stone disease compared to
the Afro-American.
5. Usually men will experience kidney stones at the age of 40 years and increases
dramatically when the reach the age of 70 years. Meanwhile, women around the age
of 50 years.

1. The first complaint that is felt very sharp pain, or severe on the lower back,
waist or the bottom of the stomach, or specifically the male sex organ in the base.
2. Sometimes the urine channel stopped so difficult to dispose of urine, or can not
do at all. Blood will out when people began to move small
3. Urinary system infections may occur simultaneously.

1. Drink lots of water.
2. If the patient does not improve the drinking water or if he has fever, he must
take pills sulfonamid, ampicillin, or tetracycline. Note carefully about its
dosage and warnings.
3. Also give aspirin or paregoric and other antispasmodik
4. Try urinating in a lie. This sometimes makes a stone in the urine matrix scrolling
back and release the cork on a hole for the mouth of the channel urine
5. In the case of heavy, ask for the help of a doctor. Sometimes surgery is needed


Small stones that do not cause symptoms, or stoppage of infection, usually does not need treated. Drinking lots of fluids will increase the formation of urine and water to help remove some of the stone; if the stone was removed, so do not need treatment immediately. Kolik renalis be reduced by the sedative drug. Stone in the pelvis the ureter or renalis the top of the measuring 1 centimeter or less can often be solved by ultrasonic waves (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, ESWL). Fraction of stone will be removed in the urine of water. Sometimes a stone was through a small slice in the skin (percutaneous nephrolithotomy, nefrolitotomi perkutaneus), followed by ultrasonic treatment. Small stones in the lower part of the ureter can be lifted with the endoscope is inserted through uretra and into the bladder. Stone sour nerves sometimes will gradually dissolve in the water environment of urine basa (for example by giving potassium citric), but other stones can not be solved this way. Stone sour greater muscle, which caused the stoppage, should be appointed through the surgery. There is a stone struvit indicate the occurrence of channel urine infection, so antibiotics are given.

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