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Infusion and botox overcome Headaches

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Saturday, 17 January 2009 | 18:45 WIB

Most of us have certainly felt the pain. So that pain can often occur because of many things that we experienced. So often seems so headaches are a part of life.
An estimated 90 percent of all men have experience headaches occasionally, and 4 out of 100 people suffered headaches every day in their lives. Most of the type of headache is very mild even though the activity.

However, we kerapkali not memedulikannya. In fact there is a type of headache is a symptom of something serious matter and requires immediate medical handling.

Poor understanding and support from family and friends, can help some people with headaches are 'mad'. Even our colleagues was sometimes think that people with headaches only exaggerate their pain alone.

No doctor rarely also less attention to this. Payahnya, quickly diagnose the causes of stress as a headache. Thus, there are people who consume paregoric to return beraktivitas.
But in fact this action and can aggravate the condition that the use of drugs known as too much, the only headache they cause more chronic and be naughty.

Dr Charles Siow, Consultant and Specialist Neurologis Pain from Siow Neurology Headache and Pain Center in Singapore said, "Research has shown that very few people from the headache get medical treatment on time."

Fortunately, now there is a very effective therapy to treat headaches. Dr.Siow, who practice at the International Neuro Associates is located at Novena Medical Center # 08-15, Singapore is the only service that provides outpatient infusion in Singapore interference to treat chronic headaches.

Infusion to three days in the blood vessel is effectively stop the headache for the majority of patients. This clinic also offers treatment with the stay in hospital for four to five days.

"We can know the headache cycle daily in the majority of patients and after that use a variety of treatment to prevent the headaches happen again," explained.

Some innovative ways to reduce the frequency of headaches, including the use of botox, which already shows keefektifannya in reducing interference headache.

Botox is a poison that produces a weakened botulisme and most popular because of the wrinkles. So as to do two jobs at once!

Dr Charles Siow
Consultant Neurologist and Pain Specialist
in Siow Neurology Headache and Pain Center, Singapore

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