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6:27 AM

QIP Infium Same With Yahoo Mesenger

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QIP Infium is a free instant messenger and an advertisement free alternative to the popular ICQ client.

How To and Tipps:
QIP Infium Step by Step

QIP Infium comes without annoying banner ads and spyware, while still offering the same features as ICQ and a whole lot more. The development of QIP Infium is focusing heavily on safety so that you can communicate with your friends and peers, including those on the ICQ network, with out privacy concerns.

Full of fun icons, cool sounds and some great additional features, QIP is an instant messaging alternative definitely worth a try.

In Release Candidate 2, you can already try out the new features of the upcoming final version.

Note: This developer's version is currently available only to registered QIP users. If you want to chat with other software in other networks, give Miranda or Pidgin a try.

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