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Millions of citizens of the world rejoice the victory and appointment United States President Barack Husein Obama elected will not seem to survive long, because the first black President of the U.S. is expected to bring changes to the policies of foreign countries, especially concerning the Middle East was outside the expectations of millions of the world including indonesian ..

Yes, Obama made a speech at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Room U.S. he said that "America remains consistent support for Israel in order to maintain integrity, anyone who dealt with Israel and Israel will help us in any way, such as that done by a Hamas rocket-launch roketnya to areas that Israel can not be tolerated anymore and ............"
this is the quote President Obama in the room at a ministry of Foreign Affairs USA.

While for the Palestinians, clearly trying to defend their country or region of attack military aggression and Israel can be a victim in 1400's and thousands of other injured he only said: "I participated on the concerns of the victims of both Palestine and Israel hope that's going to be peace .

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman and expert staff of the Prime Minister said that the Palestinian "speech made by Obama shows that Obama is not much different from Bush and he will only forward the policies of the Bush TimTeng especially Palestine and Israel and we are ready to make peace with Hamas anyone including Fatah, Fatah if want peace with us. "

What Obama mania against Obama will be disappointed that large-digadang will bring changes for both United States and the world? only time can answer it ..

I quoted from "Seputar Indonsia, RCTI"