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New History of the United States

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WASHINGTON, TUESDAY - "I, Barack Hussein Obama, solemnly swear that I will faithfully perform the task as President of the United States and will preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution."

United States take step history after the new Barack Obama taken oath as the President-44 to the United States, Tuesday (20 / 1) at 12:00 local time Wednesday night or WIT. This appointment is a big hurdle for the U.S. where for the first time a descendant of a black president.

According tradition, before the inauguration, Obama with his wife, Michelle, drinking coffee with President George W Bush and First Lady Laura Bush at the State White House. After that, they together toward Capitol Hill.

Series witnessed the inauguration of former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, and Bill Clinton. Before the oath-taking, performers Aretha Franklin carries My Country 'Tis of Thee. "

Vice President Joe Biden was elected as vice president.

Obama repeats the oath of office pronounced the Supreme Court Judges John Roberts and hands up in the Gospel that is used when Abraham Lincoln inauguration year 1861. He had forgotten some words that should be imitated and a smile turned to his wife.

In the inauguration speech for 20 minutes, Obama emphasized the greatness of America must upholding back in the middle of a crisis situation and the war abroad. "Today I say that the challenges that we face very real. (Challenge) is serious and many. Will not be easily solved or completed in a short time. Akan but surely, the challenge that we will finish, "he said.

New America

"Has the time come back we raised our immortal spirit," said Obama. He promised a new America to the world, the United States to listen to the voice of the world. Obama is also prepared to fulfill his promise to submit to the Iraqi people and continue to fight for peace in Afghanistan.

Outside, the audience is estimated to reach 2 million people from various corners of the U.S. and the world pack the National Mall, to become part of this historic moment. Winter the air is not able to punch a stop their excitement.

"Welcome, Mr. President," "Thank you, Mr. President," can be read on the posters have brought people. They witnessed the inauguration of the wide-screen display that is installed up to more than 1 kilometer away from Capitol Hill.

"Every time Obama speaks really Conference. We very pleased with this change, "said Taylor Running origin Middletown, New Jersey. He came to Washington without a ticket just to hear a message for hope and change.

"Energy in the streets of this I have never see before. People walk more lightweight, stand higher, and each side by side. It's like hope. It's like sharing happiness, "said Nancy Wigal living in Mount Vernon Square, as quoted CNN.

Proceed with the inauguration Parade Of to-56 held along Pennsylvania Avenue. Cornucopia communities on both sides of the street to watch Obama's close. (Ap / AFP / Reuters / bbc / fro)

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